Our Approach

Residential Treatment Recovery Center

The day a new resident arrives, he or she joins the process of healing. Our community-based, 24/7 approach to rehabilitation includes a daily schedule which provides a combination of early rising, devotional time, work crews, Christian development classes, counseling, family-style meals, and leisure time activities.

Along with being a rehabilitation and recovery program for people struggling with life controlling issues, His Mansion is also a training center for equipping young people for Christian service, through the process of Christian-formation. The men and women in this training program live and work beside the residents as Servant Leaders. They provide ongoing coaching and encouragement.

All of His Mansion Ministries activities are conducted with the approach of putting Christ at the center. From morning devotional time to the time spent learning in our class rooms to the work done around the property to the relationships that develop within the dorms, we strive to reflect the truth of scripture that a Christ-centered life is the only true way to genuine fullness and satisfaction.

At His Mansion, we believe in miracles — and witness them!

Residential Treatment Program

At His Mansion we understand that our residents are coming into our program from various walks of life with varying degrees of struggle, hardship, and pain. The only virtues we ask for from an incoming resident are a desire to change and a willingness to do what is asked of them.

We are a smoke-free, alcohol-free and drug-free environment. Appropriate medical prescriptions are allowed. Applicants may not be wards of the state or mandated to His Mansion by the courts. Because we accept no state or federal monies, charge no fees, and accept only adults, we reserve the right to choose our residents carefully.

The program typically takes 12 months to complete with the possibility, as mandated by Staff evaluations, to expedite or delay graduation.

Induction – is a thirty day commitment on the part of a resident to get to know the staff, other residents and the program. At the end of the month, a decision is made between the resident and staff as to whether it would be beneficial and/or appropriate for them to continue on in the program.

The weekly schedule at His Mansion is a balance of individual and group therapy, classroom studies, public and personal worship, physical labor, and recreation time to explore productive ways to manage time, grow relational bonds, and to discover the Lord on personal terms. Our recovery treatment model is not comprised of a single, canned approach, but is a weaving together of several distinct strands around a central dependence on Jesus Christ. The five components are:

  1. Growing in stature and Christian-formation
  2. Process/Healing Groups
  3. Living in Community
  4. Group and individual Counseling
  5. Physical work

Growing in Stature is based on the premise that God’s strategy for developing capable adults is through the family. Once upon a time parents, grandparents, relatives, enlightened teachers and local believers were available to help young people learn healthy perceptions about themselves, and essential skills with which to relate to others.

Family style meals

Through our Growing in Stature classes combined with community living, residents can experience the benefits of a caring extended family where important interpersonal skills are not only taught but practiced in the context of real life.

Process/Healing Groups – These components are used by several other successful programs to encourage a higher level of peer accountability and to raise up leadership from among the participants themselves. During these times destructive intrapersonal issues are often brought to the surface and valuable interpersonal skills are developed to help one another heal and grow.

Living in Community is a critical part of the journey of hope and healing at His Mansion. Living in the dormitories, participating in group activities, worshiping together, relaxing and having fun with each other are all important avenues by which we break down barriers and build up one another. Life together is where we test the truths, discoveries, and tools we learn in the other directed activities of our program.

Group and Individual Counseling provides an environment where, in the spirit of love, groups confront lies, speak truth, grant forgiveness, apply mercy and offer a safe haven in the midst of life’s storms.

Physical work is an integral part of the recovery program, usually involving 25-30 hours a week. His Mansion is a working farm with 18 buildings and more than 300 acres of forest, sugar maple groves and gardens. The men and women work in many different areas such as: agriculture, gardening, grounds keeping, wood-fuel processing, food service, canning, building maintenance, housekeeping, equipment repair and preventative maintenance. While we are not a vocational training center but we strive to hone personal integrity and a work ethic that will help residents succeed at any job they take after leaving His Mansion.

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