Endorsements From Trusted Professionals

“I have visited His Mansion in New Hampshire and several of my students have worked there on staff after graduation from college. From what I have seen and heard, His Mansion is one of the most Christ-centered, effective, life-changing programs with which I am familiar. I recommend it with enthusiasm.”

Lyle Dorsett, PhD.
Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism
Beeson Divinity School

“Through His Mansion Ministries people who know the reality of new life in Christ seek healing and rebuilding for the ravaged lives of young adults through a biblical blend of friendship, order, and spiritual help. This is a needed ministry to needy individuals, which I warmly commend.”

Dr. James I. Packer
Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, BC
Senior Editor and Visiting Scholar, Christianity Today
Author of Knowing God