Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the application process work?

The first step of the application process is for the individual who is seeking help to fill out the application. Click here for the application: Resident Application (PDF). It is imperative that no one else fills out the application on behalf of the applicant. Applications must be hand-written and mailed to us. After we have received the application, addressed initial questions, and conducted an interview, we will determine whether we feel the individual seeking help is properly motivated to be accepted, and if he/she is a proper fit for our unique community. If the applicant is accepted into our program, he/she will be placed on the Intake List for the next Intake. As much as we wish we could accept everyone who applies to His Mansion, regrettably we do not.

Can someone be placed into the program against his or her will?

No. We DO NOT offer an “intervention type” option for concerned parties seeking to place someone in

to our program. We empathize with and understand concerned parties and their desire to see loved ones get help. We want to hear from those who are self-motivated to be well and who show a willingness on their own to reach out to us. Any applicant not willing to cooperate fully with the program need not apply.

How much does His Manson cost and what are a sponsor’s obligations?

His Mansion does not charge the resident for the ministry that we offer, although being at His Mansion is not without a cost. During the time a resident is in our program, their sponsor agrees to provide for any personal expenses. A sponsor can be a relative, pastor, friend, etc. The term sponsor is not to be confused with an A.A. type Sponsor.

The following is a list of responsibilities that His Mansion requires a sponsor  to assume on behalf of a resident :

1.  Faithfully and prayerfully uphold the resident in prayer during their time in the program.

2.  Encouragement of the resident through written correspondence and/or telephone calls.

3.  Medical: His Mansion is not responsible for any costs incurred during a resident’s time in the program. Any regular medical needs not covered by the resident’s insurance (i.e. prescription refills, medication management costs if applicable, and maintaining a $100 medical fund) is the responsibility of the sponsor. His Mansion does not expect sponsors to cover unexpected high medical costs (e.g. medical emergencies, work accidents, etc.); however, sponsors are encouraged to help residents with such costs as they are able.

4.  Individual Travel Deposit: Return travel fare (back to the original point of departure) must be placed on deposit by the day of intake. Please understand that our program is voluntary and at-will – as such, a resident may be asked to leave (or may choose to leave) the program prematurely (i.e. before graduation or completion of the program).  If this occurs, plans for their departure will be initiated immediately and the Resident will be processed out of the community as soon as practicable. Accordingly, residents must have travel funds available on hand to cover the immediate purchase of one of the following items: bus, train, or airline ticket for travel back to the original point of departure. The amount of the deposit will be calculated on a case by case basis, depending on the destination and mode of travel. The ministry will hold this travel deposit and only His Mansion staff will use this money when and as needed, in order to safely release a resident. Excess or remaining funds will be credited back to the sponsor. Sponsors also agree to receive the resident back upon their release or decision to leave the program.

5.  Initial Funds:  A total of $350 PLUS the individual travel deposit must be received before the resident arrives on property. Checks must be made payable to the resident’s name. The $350 is broken out as follows: $100.00 initial deposit into the resident’s cash account + $100.00 initial deposit into the resident’s medical account + $150.00 non-refundable administrative fee which covers educational materials and safety equipment.  This $350 PLUS the individual travel deposit (depending on where a resident is from, the travel deposit will range from a minimum of $200 to upwards of $700) must be received before a resident can enter the program.

6.  Ongoing Financial Support – The resident will need between $50 and $75 per month for general funds. In addition, residents may have continuing medical needs or expenses. Ongoing support checks should be made payable to the resident but sent to the attention of the Program Administrator.

Residents do not hold any money themselves; all finances are maintained through the Office.  All checks must be made out to the resident, not His Mansion.  The resident will endorse the check over to His Mansion and the money will be deposited and credited to the resident’s account. Checks may be sent any time after a resident has been accepted and given an arrival date.

How long is the program?

The resident program at His Mansion lasts 12 months. Read more about our residential program here.

What are the things that a resident CANNOT bring if they are accepted to His Mansion?
  • TVs, CDs, DVDs, CD players, MP3 Players, Cell Phones, or any personal electronic equipment or small appliances
  • Bicycles
  • Magazines or periodicals
  • Tobacco products, lighters, matches, or electronic cigarettes
  • Straight razors, knives, or weapons of any kind
  • Chocolate or candy (of any kind), snacks of any kind.
  • No sugar products are permitted (this includes sugar substitutes)
Who should consider serving at His Mansion?

Committed Christians who want to…

  • be used of God to accomplish something worthwhile for the Kingdom;
  • tackle a job so big you could never accomplish it alone;
  • be a needed member of a loving community;
  • bring their upbringing, training and experience to a place where God can add them to the gifts and abilities of others;
  • have community, communion and a mission all in the same place.

Commit to serve at His Mansion for a year or more and God will use what you have to help heal the brokenhearted. In the process, He’ll teach you how to love Him more deeply, and He may just heal you too.

You’ll receive one week of intensive training plus continued “on-the-job” training. If you come on as a Servant Leader, you will receive weekly classroom training and the help and guidance of a mentor. At His Mansion, you will work together in close fellowship with other believers, as we follow the Lord together. Read more about our Servant Leader Program.