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Griggs Snow




Before coming to His Mansion my life was lonely, dark and hopeless. I had considered myself a Christian, but was lost in an addiction to crack cocaine. . . . Every time I looked in the mirror . . . I saw my sin and failures. Today I see a brand new creation, saved by [Jesus’] grace and mercy shown for me through his brutal death on the cross. I stand before you today a new man, and forgiven. I have a newfound purpose of serving others and showing His love . . . Between finding a real relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and also finding real friendships for the first time, I leave here knowing I am loved by others but, most importantly, by God.

-Male Resident, May 2012 Graduate


I felt so broken when I arrived at His Mansion. A failed marriage, abusive relationships, self-destructive behaviors, lost jobs, lost homes, lost income and complete loss of myself, stripped me down to nothing and I had little to no hope.

[Now] the identity and acceptance I have longed for, I have found in Jesus Christ. . . . He has transformed my shame into love, my despair into joy, my fear into peace, my discontentment into patience, my insecurity into goodness and my doubt into faithfulness . . . He has turned my anxiety into absolute trust. Only until I was left with nothing has He become my Everything and my All in All.

-Female Resident, May 2012 Graduate


My time spent at His Mansion was more impacting than I could have planned for. What struck me the most was the authentic community I was immediately immersed in. As I tried to understand the ins and outs and the structure of the program, I quickly realized, although it is complex, at the core it is just a community of broken people working together to strive for wholeness in Christ. It was wonderful to be included in that community and family at meals, in prayer and share, at sociogram and even in work. One of the experiences that impacted me a lot while living in this family, was that I was free to BE broken and even more than that, admit I AM broken. It was refreshing to be in a body of Christ where for one of the first times, I wasn’t labeled by anything or expected be someone I’m not. I felt “myself”; broken, sinful and in desperate need for the cross, but more loved than I could ever dare hope. His Mansion is a unique place, a refreshing and freeing place and I am forever grateful for the way my time there opened my eyes to the humility of God’s people and the family that can come out of being broken, yet understanding, accepting and intentional.

-Wheaton Student, March 2012 Work Group


Thanks just doesn’t seem sufficient for the dedication and love your group offers. You put hope back into hopeless for so many. We will continue to pray for the staff, mentors, leaders and residents. Even through struggles in life, we know we have an awesome God and that you are a part of His awesomeness!

-Parents of Resident, March 2012


I came to His Mansion because I struggled with drug addiction, self harm, bipolar depression and severe anxiety. I wanted my life to change but I didn’t think that could ever happen. . . . During my time here, I’ve been able to see how my selfishness and negativity has affected those around me. I have learned to deal with my emotions in a more healthy way. I am not as controlled by my anger or anxiety. I am learning to be responsible, trustworthy and to submit to authority. I can see the importance of doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. I think about others more and myself less. I am able to recognize when I am believing the lies in my head and now I turn to the truths that God has given me . . . I am starting to focus on the positive and to see the blessings in my life. I am choosing to find solutions to my problems instead of running from them. I now feel hopeful about my future. I now have a relationship with God.

-Female Resident, January 2012 Graduate