Resource List

The following list includes ministries and/or facilities that His Mansion Ministries either has a relationship with or close knowledge of:

Resources: Treatment/Care Facilities

Men 18 and over

Dunklin Memorial Camp: A Christian recovery community for men 18-70 struggling with drugs and alcohol. Requires a 10 month commitment.

America’s Keswick: A 120 day Christian residential program for men 18-70 with addictions of all kinds.

Women 18 and over

The Father’s Ranch: For teens 13-18 and women 18-40 who suffer from spiritual, emotional, and/or behavioral problems.

The Refuge Ranch: For women 18 and older who desire to overcome addictions. Related to Dunklin Memorial Camp.


The Fold: A  Christian residential facility for young men and women 13-17.

For a more extensive list of resources, please click here for our Resource List [PDF].