HCC Reflections, October 2015

January 10, 2017 at 18:18

His Mansion

Important ideas participants learned during HCC:

“The crucial, critical role of community is learning to live with ourselves. It is in the messiness where it gets worked out — isolation is NEVER the answer.”

“Every ministry stands and falls on Jesus being the only hope and savior.”

“To love someone is to be committed to their highest good.”

“The role and importance of Jesus and prayer in healing.”

“Transparent and vulnerable relationships are essential for healthy communities and healing.”

“Seeing the need to have deep intimacy and community back home.”

Highlights from HCC week:

Genograms. Worship Night. Interactive Journaling. Sharing meals with Residents. Church on Sunday. Sociogram. Experiencing the presence of Jesus in this community. The rich teaching from experienced people. Seeing the generous care the staff have for the Residents. Experiencing intentional community. Prayer & Share. 

Other Comments:

“God has met me in amazing ways this week. I am so excited for what He will continue to use in my life.”

“It was a gift I didn’t even know I needed. Holistic and well-integrated. I was thrilled to enter different rhythms here, especially eating and worship.”

“This whole training and the people here invited me to fully ‘be’ in a very powerful and welcoming way — I cannot offer up adequate thanks.”

“All instructors were knowledgeable, spiritual, humble, and flexible.”

“I anticipated an informational week of concepts and principles. What I received was a transformational week of connection with Christ and an emotional revelation of uncharted areas of my own heart.”

“It was a good week of learning and sharing. God had every intention of calling me to be transparent this week and to see how important that is.”

“One of the most impactful weeks of my life!”

“I came not really sure why God led me here, but leave feeling more filled by the Spirit with a renewed energy to serve and love the lost sheep that God has placed in our lives. My understanding of the hurt of this broken world will enable me to better be used for His service and glory.”