Replication of Healing Communities

His Mansion Institute (HMI) is committed to seeing God raise up healing communities all over the U.S. and around the world. We believe such communities are on God’s heart, and we want to serve and assist individuals, churches, and ministries that want to pursue such a goal.

In the past, we have seen His Mansion “type” communities develop in the Bahamas, Jamaica, South Africa, Hungary, and Canada. Currently, a church in Northern California is developing a healing community modeled after His Mansion Ministries.

Through the eight-week internship, we want to teach and train individuals and groups regarding our model of a Christ-centered holistic healing community. We also desire to develop further training for teams from churches and ministries who want to take additional steps toward starting such communities.

We are not seeking to franchise but to pray for, assist, and support the development of new healing communities that can benefit from our 40+ years of experience. If you have questions regarding developing healing communities, please call our office at 603-464-5555 and ask for Dr. Michael Tso, Director of HMI. Or you can email Michael at