Residential Program Application Process

Applying to a residential recovery program is an important step in seeking healing. We are glad that you are considering His Mansion Ministries as a place to enter your recovery journey.

The first step of the application process is for the individual who is seeking help to call our main office and schedule an interview with our intake coordinator. Our main office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. The intake coordinator can be reached by phone at (603) 464-5555 (ex.10), or by email at A second interview with either the Men’s or Women’s Program Administrator will be scheduled upon completion of the initial interview. After we have conducted both interviews, we will determine whether we feel the individual seeking help is properly motivated to be accepted, and if he/she is a proper fit for our unique community. If the applicant is accepted into our program, he/she will be placed on the Intake List for the next Intake.┬áThe Intake Coordinator will communicate with you next steps as you prepare for your arrival.

Acceptance is based on an individual being properly motivated for the program as well as determining if he/she is able to participate (physically, emotionally and mentally) in all parts of our program. As much as we wish we could accept everyone who applies to His Mansion, regrettably we do not.

Forms that must be read before submitting your interview (please click below for PDF versions):

Program Information and Expectations (PDF)

His Mansion’s Statement of Faith (PDF)