Servant Leader Program Overview

Servant Leader Training Program


Sacrificially and compassionately ministering to hurting and broken men and women is the role of those in the Servant Leader Training Program.

In this 24/7, life-on-life, hands-on learning environment, you may feel like you’ve been thrown into the fire. You’ll use all you’ve ever known and learned in living life and doing relationships. But very quickly you’ll come face to face with your own inadequacies, lack of wisdom, fears, selfishness, insecurities, and neediness.

As you walk alongside men and women who are living out of debilitating emotional pain, you’ll have to dig into Christ and pursue His love, His power, His strength in ways you’ve never needed before. And in leaning hard into Christ – day after day for 6, 9, or 12 months while surrounded by loving, supportive community – not only will you bring the hope and healing of Christ to the broken, but you also will be transformed by the love of Christ yourself.

Coming through your year of service, you will go away with your faith built up, having grown deeper in your intimate knowledge and personal experience of Christ and the power of God that raises the dead. You will go on your way better prepared for work, ministry, church, marriage, family.

Whatever comes next, you will go with more of God.

Working with our residents, you will learn:

  • To take initiative with boldness and courage
  • To speak what is true in the face of fear
  • To love the unloved

Working in our environment, you will learn:

  • To work with wisdom and patience toward others
  • To live in personal and spiritual humility
  • To resolve conflict

We will stand with you

  • Our Christian Formation Leadership will facilitate and provide support, spiritual encouragement, and training in your role as well as in your personal transformation into Christlikeness.
  • As a team, you and your fellow Servant Leaders will stand together as you each face the daily joys and challenges that come your way.
  • Servant Leader Group Processing will provide space for giving and receiving the love and help needed to thrive in a community-based environment.
  • A Personal Mentor will meet with you weekly to encourage you in your life and service.

While enjoying our 316-acre campus, you will live life with the residents—in the dorms, on work crew, in classes, during meals, in worship, and in recreation. You will participate in training and spiritual formation classes and in groups created specifically to care for you and equip you as a Servant Leader.

The Servant Leader program is for single Christians between the ages of 18 and 35 who desire to be in a community committed to the healing and restoration of hurting men and women.

The work will be challenging, but many consider their 6, 9, or 12 months of service to be among the most formative of their lives.


For more detailed information, click on the links below:

Servant Leader Role Description

The Servant Leader application is available to be filled out electronically or by mail.

To apply electronically please click the link below to download the application. Fill out the application on your computer through Microsoft Word, electronically sign and save the file, then send an email with the subject line “Servant Leader Application” to the Intake Coordinator at, with your saved .docx file as an attachment.

Servant Leader Application

* The Servant Leader application is a Microsoft Word document (.docx) form that is best viewed in Microsoft Word (2007+). Viewing the application in any other program may cause formatting errors.

If you would prefer to fill out an application by hand (or do not have access to a computer with Microsoft Word) you may do so by printing out the Servant Leader Application PDF version of the Servant Leader Application and mailing it to:

His Mansion Ministries  

395 Wolf Hill Rd.

Deering, NH 03244-­6416

Attn: Intake Coordinator


To talk with us about becoming a Servant Leader, call our Intake Coordinator at 603.464.5555.

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