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April 25, 2017 at 02:35

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Servant Leaders are one of the most important members of the His Mansion team. They are essential to His Mansion’s mission of seeing lost men and women come to know and follow Jesus Christ. Servant Leaders live and work alongside of the Residents at His Mansion, modeling commitment to the Lord and love for others. Servant Leaders provide support, guidance, and accountability for Residents as they progress through the Program.


Though Servant Leaders at His Mansion do not need to be perfect, the following qualifications must be present in a person who serves as a Servant Leader at His Mansion Ministries:

  • Commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Desire for others to know Jesus Christ
  • Desire to grow in Jesus Christ
  • Humility
  • Compassion
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Willingness to learn and be challenged


1.  Love

Servant Leaders are called to love Residents everyday. They are called to build relationships with Residents and be committed to their good. This kind of love ought to shape everything a Servant Leader does and says. Loving the Residents may look like…

  • Counting them as more important than yourself
  • Listening to them without making assumptions or needing to have an answer
  • Being present with them in their pain and uncertainty
  • Affirming their identity in Jesus Christ and the growth that is seen in them
  • Challenging them to do things they may not want to do (e.g. work)
  • Speaking into areas of sin and unbelief for their greater good
  • Praying with and for them
2.  Modeling

Servant Leaders model a life of dependence on Christ moment by moment. Residents look to Servant Leaders to see what following Jesus can look like in daily life. The role of a Servant Leader is largely about leading by example. Modeling may look like…

  • Walking with Jesus every day, repenting of sin and trusting in Him
  • Being patient in the midst of frustrating situations
  • Seeking the Lord in all circumstances, including pain
  • Sacrificing preferences when it is for the good of another person
  • Seeking reconciliation and fighting for unity in the midst of conflict
  • Working with diligence and integrity
3.  Oversight

Servant Leaders oversee and supervise Residents in daily dorm life, on work crew, and during other program activities. Servant Leaders are to monitor and be mindful of the behaviors and attitudes of Residents, paying special attention to their safety.

Dorm Life – A Servant Leader is responsible for working with the Servant Leader team to provide oversight and coverage of daily Resident life in the dorm. This is a place where relationships with Residents are forged and deepened. It is important that the attitude and ethos of the dorm is one of love, safety, and gratitude.

Work Crew – A Servant Leader is responsible for leading and overseeing Residents on Work Crew. Work is a part of what it means to be human and the Lord uses it to grow and restore us. Therefore, Residents and Servant Leaders spend a significant portion of the week on Work Crew doing manual labor. Servant Leaders work alongside Residents, modeling what a God-honoring work ethic looks like.

Program Activities – A Servant Leader is responsible for being a present support, guide and friend to Residents during other Program Activities (e.g. Resident free time, large group activities, meals, times of worship, etc.).

4.  Accountability

Servant Leaders are responsible for holding the Residents accountable to the values and guidelines of the Program. The Program guidelines ensure that the His Mansion community remains safe for all of its members. They provide loving structure for Residents who have come here seeking change. Servant Leaders are responsible for reporting safety concerns and guideline infractions to the appropriate authority above them. Servant Leaders also provide accountability in the way they pray for and check-in with Residents about their specific struggles.


Servant Leaders receive support and guidance Servant Leader Formation Department through the following:

  • Weekly Mentoring
  • Training & Spiritual Formation Classes
  • Biannual Retreats
  • Regular Reviews & Feedback


Servant Leaders receive the following benefits as they serve:

  • $400/month (any additional support raised is tax deductible)
  • Full Room & Board
  • 10 vacation days (including 4 “flex” days)
  • Servant Leader Tuition Reimbursement Program ($100/month for those who qualify with student debt)

The Servant Leader application is  available to be filled out electronically or by mail.

To apply electronically please click the link below to download the application. Fill out the application on your computer through Microsoft Word, electronically sign and save the file, then send an email with the subject line “Servant Leader Application” to the Intake Coordinator (,  with your saved .docx file as an attachment.

Servant Leader Application *

* The Servant Leader application is a Microsoft Word document (.docx) form that is best viewed in Microsoft Word (2007+). Viewing the application in any other program may cause formatting errors.

If you would prefer to fill out an application by hand (or do not have access to a computer with Microsoft Word) you may do so by printing out the Servant Leader Application PDF version of the Servant Leader Application and mailing it to:

His Mansion Ministries  

395 Wolf Hill Rd.

Deering, NH 03244-­6416

Attn: Intake Coordinator

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