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April 25, 2017 at 02:35

His Mansion


Servant Leaders are one of the most important members of the His Mansion staff team. They are essential to His Mansion’s mission of seeing hurting and broken men and women transformed into disciples of Jesus Christ, in part, due to the amount of face-to-face involvement they have with the residents. A Servant Leader lives with and works alongside the residents, modeling a life committed to Christ, while enforcing and upholding the unique guidelines and lifestyle that are specific to the His Mansion program.

Qualifications: To be a Servant Leader at His Mansion, one does not need to be perfect. However, the following qualifications must be present in any person who desires to serve as a Servant Leader at His Mansion Ministries.

  • Compassion for hurting men and women who are seeking change in their lives
  • Committed to the Gospel and has a substantive relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Desire to grow and develop as a person in Christ in the context of personal relationships with others Humility
  • Willingness to lead and be led
  • Willingness to be taught and challenged

Role Responsibilities:

  1. Caring for residents in daily life. Servant Leaders are called to walk alongside residents as they journey through the program. The responsibilities of caring for residents ought to shape everything a staff person does and says. Everything is done within the context of relationship with residents. Some of these responsibilities include:
  • Listening
  • Being present
  • Encouraging
  • Speaking the Truth in love
  • Praying with and for residents
  1. Modeling a life of dependence on Christ moment by moment. The role of a Servant Leader is largely about leading by example. This might look like being patient in the face of frustrating circumstances, working with integrity, or speaking the truth in love to someone. Whatever the mode, a Servant Leader provides a resident with a picture of what following Jesus looks like in daily life.


  1. Overseeing residents in daily dorm life, on work crew, and during other program activities. In the context of relationship, Servant Leaders are to provide supervision of any and all parts of resident life. They are to be aware of how residents are doing, as well as monitoring residents attitudes and behavior.


Dorm Life — A Servant Leader is responsible for working with the Servant Leader team to provide oversight and coverage of daily resident life in the dorm. The dorm is a place where a lot of the on-the-ground ministry to residents occurs. This is because it is the place where relationships with residents are forged and deepened. It is important that the attitude and ethos of the dorm is one of love and gratitude.

Work Crew — A Servant Leader is responsible for leading and overseeing residents on work crew. Work is a part of what it means to be human. We were created to work. At His Mansion, work is deeply valued and maintaining a good work ethic is important. Servant Leaders work alongside residents, modeling what a God-honoring work ethic looks like.

  1. Enforcing the program guidelines. A Servant Leader is responsible for enforcing guidelines with residents, particularly on the nights and weekends that he or she is ”on.” The program guidelines are to ensure that this community remains safe for all of its members, as well as, to provide loving accountability to residents who have come here seeking change.


  • Servant Leaders will receive a $300/month stipend. They may also raise tax-deductible financial support through churches and individuals.
  • Servant Leaders are provided room and board during their time of service.
  • Servant Leaders are allotted 10 days of vacation time for one year of service. Four ”flex days” can be used with the PA’s permission.
  • Servant Leaders who enter with education debt can apply for a scholarship that sends $100 each month to their lender for each month of service to His Mansion (a $1200 benefit for one year of service). Lenders will often defer loan repayment for public service at a place like His Mansion, but that must be arranged and initiated by the servant leader and is not the responsibility of His Mansion.

The Servant Leader application is  available to be filled out electronically or by mail.

To apply electronically please click the link below to download the application. Fill out the application on your computer through Microsoft Word, electronically sign and save the file, then send an email with the subject line “Servant Leader Application” to the Director of Programs, Courtney Jones (, with your saved .docx file as an attachment

Servant Leader Application *

* The Servant Leader application is a Microsoft Word document (.docx) form that is best viewed in Microsoft Word (2007+). Viewing the application in any other program may cause formatting errors.

If you would prefer to fill out an application by hand (or do not have access to a computer with Microsoft Word) you may do so by printing out this .PDF version of the Servant Leader Application and mailing it to:

His Mansion Ministries  

P.O. Box 40

Hillsboro, NH 03244-­ 0040

Attn: Director of Programs